DEWA DEWI project

DEWA DEWI is project for Design from industrial and agricultural waste.  This is one of the project support by Department of International Trade promotion of Thailand.  Thailand has put agenda of BCG (Bio-circular-Green) as one of the major topic that all the industries has to focus on.  As this is one part of the SDGS (Sustainable Development Goal)

For DEWA DEWI project in 2022.  We have group up industries with all the waste from production and try to develop a new material with a New function.  Same as DEESAWAT .  DEESAWAT has been working with the design to use the surface of the wood as design concept to minimized the wood wastage.  And at the same time, we have been working with wood sawn dust to combine with other oganic material like rubber, leather, and paper.  To create a future sustainable new material.

This event is now showing at Bangkok Design week which will be last till 13 February.  And the event will continue to be shown at Milan Design week in 2022 as well.